Quotes from the movie 'Spring Breakers'.


  • "All I know is I'm not going to sit here another day. How are we going to get enough money in time?"
  • "I'm tired of seeing the same thing. Everybody's so miserable here because they see the same things everyday, they wake up in the same bed, same houses, same depressing streetlights, one gas station, grass, it's not even green, it's brown. Everything is the same and everyone is just sad. I really don't want to end up like them. I just want to get out of here. There's more than just spring break. This is our chance to see something different."
  • "I just have a really, really bad feeling about all of this."
  • "I don't know

this guy, or these people, I just wanna go home!"

  • "Shut your face Brit!"
  • "Yeah!! Girlfriends! We don't care, we're drunk and wild and hot and were the coolest b****** on this beach!'
  • "Candy! Why did we rob that resterant?! I feel terrible!"
  • "I'm tired of always cleaning up your mess Candy!,That's it I am done!"
  • "My name is..........Faith"
  • "I will miss u Cotty!"
  • "Shut the Hell up and get me out of here!, Now!"
  • "Look Candy, I am not gonna stand here all day waiting for things to get better I am leaving!"
  • "I would Cross my heart and hope to die!"
  • "Leave me Brit!"
  • "This is so fun!,Partyyy!"
  • "Why do u smoke?, I mean what is the point of smoking, that why they invinted gum."
  • "Shutup!" (several Times)


  • "Just get that cash, pretend like it's a video game. We can do this."
  • "Rise and shine, little b****!."
  • "Where's the money?"
  • "Let's just get the f******money and get outta here."
  • Oh, really Faith! If you go, I'll kill you!"
  • "We had a promise! Are you seirously gonna break it?!"
  • "I hate you Faith!"
  • "Oh, What, Your gonna go home crying to your F***** Mother!"


  • "We're the only ones still here on spring break."
  • "Spring break forever b****!"
  • "I'm spring broke."
  • "Faith, chillax,. Just enjoy spring break!"
  • "If you wanna go back home Faith then you really are a big b****!"
  • "Ok.....Fine...Come here my little b**** Faith!"
  • "Cotty, You will be missed."
  • "Raise your cups in the air, and F*** like ya just don't care Ha!"


  • "Alien?"
  • "Why are you here?"
  • "Good morning, sunshine!"
  • "I need your money."
  • "Aw! Fuck you, Asshole. Fucking bitch! You just shot me in the arm!"
  • "Am I the only one here that will miss our fucking little bitch Faith!?"
  • "Show me bad Sexy boy"
  • "I want the D so much"


  • "This is a magic place, y'all."
  • "So, Faith have you been doin' a lot of prayin' this spring?"
  • "Are y'all ready to have some fun tonight?!"


- "Who is ready to Die tonight?!" Ho-ho-ho merrry spring motherfucker break what up my nigga what up alien fuck your bitches look at