He is the main character or protagonist of spring breakers. He is a drug dealer/rapper that bails the 4 girls out of jail. He becomes their friend, except for Faith who is scared of him. He has and ex best friend Archie, who is his enemy and competition now in the movie. He has a sexual relationship with Brit and Candy towards the end of the movie. He is killed by one of Archie's men in the end, suffering a bullet to the head, while Brit and Candy go onto steal Archies car after killing Archie and all his men.




Friends- Candy and Brit

Birthday- May 11th


Relationships- Brit(Crush/Kissed/Had Threesome With) and Candy(Crush/Kissed/Had Threesome With)


  • "Seems like a dream"
  • "I just wanted to be bad"
  •  "Look at my shit!"
  •  "I'm as bad as they is"
  •  "Lets cause some trouble now"
  •  "Tough bitches up in here"
  •  "I'm a fuckin gangsta' with a heart of gold
  •  "Spring break forever"
  • "We do it right here in Saint Petes"